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Machine Introduction

TATE CNC automatic wire bending machine is a kind of equipment mainly used for three-dimensional three-dimensional bending and forming of metal wires, and realizes the forming and processing of various wire shapes with different specifications.
The wire feeding and rotary bending systems of the equipment are driven by servo motors, which significantly improves the precision of the product, effectively increases the moving speed of the machine head and the flexibility of the equipment, and greatly improves the production efficiency.
Aiming at the characteristics of various types and shapes of wire rod processing, a control system with memory storage function is specially designed, which can save 1000 sets of processing programs for different products, and any set of them can be called at will when needed.

Machine Features

TATE CNC automatic wire bending machine has the following advantages:

  1. The whole series of 3D CNC wire bending machines are designed and manufactured in full accordance with European standards, and are suitable for various three-dimensional shapes of the wire industry.
  2. Reasonable design, high-strength mechanical structure, low operating requirements.
  3. Friendly man-machine interface, easy to learn operation, very convenient to set and input wire shape and specification.
  4. Servo drives four sets of wire feeding and straightening rollers horizontally and vertically, for feeding and straightening.
  5. Automatic straightening, wire feeding, forming, cutting and recording quantity; product parameters and preset production quantity can be modified during the production process.
  6. It is suitable for rolling and forming of various metals (round, flat, square, hexagonal and other special-shaped wires) such as steel wires, iron wires, stainless steel wires, copper wires and aluminum wires with different wire diameters. It is usually used in industries such as iron wire products, fan mesh circles, handicrafts, and lampshades.
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