Automatic Paint Roller Brush Making Machine Bending Machine with Chamfering Flattening

News 1997-05-18 41

Production Video

Machine Introduction

TATE automatic paint roller handle bending machine is the latest machine at present. It adopts CNC system. One machine can meet the automatic bending and forming of all roller brush brackets on the market. It does not need any molds and has very high production efficiency. It can save you a lot of costs and create greater profits!
It has the following advantages:

  1. Automatic straightening – cutting – ears – flattening – chamfering – tooth rubbing – bending – finished product, etc., multiple processes are formed at one time, which solves the cumbersome semi-automatic equipment of traditional multiple processes, saving labor and energy.
  2. The processing accuracy of the equipment is 0.1mm, and the yield is high.
  3. The equipment adopts a thickened body, which is strong, stable and has a long service life.
  4. One machine is multi-purpose, saving cost and time: Iron wires of different specifications and diameters do not need molds, and one machine can meet the production of all products.
  5. Only one person is required to take care of each machine, which greatly reduces labor costs!
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