Automatic Paint Roller Thermofusion Winding Machine Manufacture

News 1998-09-18 48

Production Video

Machine Introduction

TATE Automatic thermofusion winding machine (glue) adopts the most advanced electrical integration design at present。Adopts PLC programming control system and touch screen operation interface, so that various product process parameters can be flexibly set on the equipment。
The extensive use of sensors can monitor the actions in operation and whether the materials are in place in real time。
The equipment will automatically alarm and prompt the point of the problem in the event of an action failure during operation, and an abnormal shutdown caused by an abnormality, which is convenient and quick to deal with. Even a novice is effortless to operate.

Machine Features

This equipment is optional with advanced version of EPC access system, which is used to connect with factory industry 4.0 system / ERP system。Equipment Network Monitoring System, The equipment adopts high standard configuration:
1、It standard integrated precision slide module, high precision, stability and durbility。
2、Adopt maintenance-free rotating gripping group without conductive ring to reduce maintenance cost and increase production capacity;/3、Export standard equipment adopts German Siemens control system (PLC + servo motor); domestic standard adopts Taiwan Delta control system (PLC + servo motor);
4、Using German Schneider low-voltage electric, Taiwan Airtac Pneumatic components。
5、The equipment adopts a thickened one-piece molding body, which is strong, stable and has a long service life。
6、One machine is multi-purpose,Paint roller in different diameters can share a set of equipment by replacing accessories.