How To Automate Install And Comb Mini Paint Roller End Cap?

News 1997-06-16 73

Production Video

Machine Introduction

TATE Mini Paint Roller End Cap Automatic Install And Comb Machine adopts the current advanced automation design concept. It can be equipped with a conveyor belt and can be combined with the previous process to form an automatic production line.
It adopts PLC programming control, the process parameters of various products in the system operation interface can be flexibly set through the touch screen, real-time monitoring of each action in operation, automatic detection of assembly and processing incoming material machine sensors, automatic shutdown alarm to prompt abnormal action faults, and convenient maintenance and handling.
Mini Paint Roller End Cap has the integrated functions of automatic inspection and orientation, automatic direction separation, and automatic pressing and combing, which can save customers’ labor, speed up the production cycle, and reduce production and use sites. Length specifications can be adjusted to 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches.
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