How To Automate Produce The Outward Hook Bucket Handle?

News 1997-07-14 60

Production Video

Machine Introduction

TATE automatic barrel hook forming machine can provide you with: barrel hook machine, computer barrel hook machine, barrel hook lifting mobile phone, beam lifting machine, barrel lifting beam machine, water barrel hook machine, emulsified oil barrel hook machine, chemical barrel hook machine , Paint barrel hook machine, 20 liter barrel hook machine, 16 liter barrel hook machine, 10 liter barrel hook machine, flatten barrel hook machine, inside (outside) hook barrel hook machine, etc. Various barrel hooks.
The machine uses a servo motor to feed the material, and the gift length tolerance reaches ±0.2mm. The PLC uses Mitsubishi, and the contactor and switch use Schneider. The machine equipment is stable, the operation is convenient and simple, the production speed is about 18-24 pieces per minute, and the production efficiency is high.
Machine Features:

  1. This machine includes straightening, cutting, hose threading, and bending;
  2. Insufficient feeding of products during production, the machine automatically stops and alarms;
  3. If there is no rubber hose in production, the machine will automatically stop and alarm;
  4. Automatic alarm after the raw material (iron wire) is produced;
  5. Set the output and automatically stop and alarm when the quantity is reached;
  6. The machine adopts a double-row roller head feeding method to make the product bright and without scratches on the surface
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