How To Fully Automate The Production Of Brush Iron Shell?

News 1997-09-12 41

Production Video

Machine Introduction

TATE paint brush iron shell automatic production system, including feeding device, pneumatic punching machine, pushing device, pneumatic compound machine, pneumatic system and control system, and the feeding device is set on the left side of the pneumatic punching machine; pneumatic compound machine and pushing device are respectively It is installed on the front and rear sides of the pneumatic punching machine, and the feeding device, pneumatic punching machine, pushing device, and pneumatic compound machine are all connected with the pneumatic system and the control system, wherein the feeding device is used to realize the storage and guidance of the iron sheet And precise conveying, the pneumatic stamping machine punches the iron sheet through the pneumatically driven mold to form the iron shell stamping parts, and the pushing device is used to transport the iron shell stamping parts to the feeding port of the pneumatic compound machine and push the composite formed iron shell out for blanking , to achieve fully automated production!
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