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Machine Introduction

TATE paint roller brush automatic loading handle, nailing and combing all-in-one machine can fully realize the automatic production of the production environment above the paint roller brush. It has the following advantages:

  1. The precision of the turntable of the whole equipment is controlled by the divider and the servo motor to control the rotation precision of the mechanical parts, which further improves the quality of the product compared with the existing technology;
  2. From the original manual pipe cutting to the current manipulator automatic pipe cutting, the operation safety in the processing process is guaranteed;
  3. Since the combing mechanism is equipped with a screw slide mechanism for adjusting it, the combing speed and the distance of the plush can be automatically frequency-converted according to the characteristics of different plush and the height of the wool;
  4. The chamfering mechanism adopts the method of hob trimming, which not only ensures the stability of the equipment, but also ensures the neatness of the chamfering of the product. Since the chamfering machine is hinged on the hinge bottom plate, it is also convenient to adjust the chamfering angle to Precise processing of roller brush sleeve;
  5. The trimming mechanism is controlled by a servo motor, and the trimming data can be freely changed according to different plush and wool heights;
  6. The pushing mechanism is completed by the cylinder of the manipulator, and the mechanical cycle works, realizing the automatic production of the whole equipment!
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