Paint Roller Handle Automatic Making Machine Manufacturer Price in Algeria Spain Colombia Egypt

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Machine Introduction

TATE Paint Roller Handle Automatic Making Machine adopts the latest design, it does not need molds, one machine can make hundreds of roller brush holders with different angles, and the product length stroke is 100-950mm.
Its working principle: the shape of the product is controlled by the principle of the servo motor, no mold is needed, the computer is free to edit, and the oil cylinder controls the flattening and earring. The design structure of this equipment is complex, it includes: servo motor, chamfering motor, hydraulic motor three motor working principles through the integration of an industrial computer production line to complete multiple processes. But the user operation is simple and practical. The cost of mold input is greatly reduced. Because it is a 90° style, the angle precision control is very good.
One machine can meet the automatic production of all your roller brush brackets, and it does not require any mold costs while improving production efficiency.

Production Video

Machine Photo

Roller Brush Bracket CNC Forming Machine-TT-8RS-detail-4

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